Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wild Card Cartridge

I bought the Cricut Wild Card Cartridge a couple of weeks ago and finally had a chance to play with it for a few minutes. I made the Cupcake card that was included on the cartridge. I made a green and blue striped cupcake "wrapper" and a pale green "frosting". I then took clear glitter and sprinkled it over the entire frosting section and dropped a few green seed beads to look like sprinkles. I also put the green and blue striped paper on the birthday candle and used a golden colored cardstock for the flame that I colored in with gold glitter. I like how it turned out. I made the card on a white card stock base and stamped Hey Cupcake and birthday wishes onit. I am not overly excited about the overall look of the card but love the cupcake. I may cut the cupcake off the card to use on another card.

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