Friday, February 4, 2011

Imagine Colors and Patterns Tip

Imagine More Colors

Imagine More Patterns
I am not feeling very crafty and creative right now but wanted to do something this afternoon to help fill some time. (Anything is better than house work right?) I received my Imagine for Christmas one of the things I have struggled with a little were figuring out what the different colors and patterns would look like when actually printed with my Imagine. I found that the colors in the book were a little lighter than how they appeared on the screen and generally printed even lighter than what they looked like in the book. To help with matching the colors and patterns especially with cardstock and patterned paper I already owned I decided to create my own color chart of the colors. I used the stock square image on the Imagine and set it at 1". I then added a square and filled it with each pattern and color from a cartridge. I was able to get 2 cartridges printed and cut from one 12 X 12 sheet of white card stock. I then used my mono adhesive to adhere each square to my book. I put patterns on the inside back cover and the solid colors on the inside front cover. If I was careful I could get all 20 patterned paper images on the back cover. The pictures at the top show the colors and patterns from my Imagine More cartridge. The pictures below show the Nursery Tail cartridge. I still have a few more cartridges to do. I know this will help me out in choosing the colors and patterns that I want to use for a project, especially when using these with the regular cricut cartridges.
I am hoping my mojo is back soon so I can get a project posted for everyone.

Nursery Tail Patterns
Nursery Tail Colors

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