Saturday, October 18, 2014

Look What Showed up at My House!!!

My Wild Orchid Cricut Explore. I haven't had much time to play with it yet, but put a small project together this afternoon. I did learn quite a bit while doing the project. Like using the attach feature for your images if you want them to stay where you put them. The Explore separates all the layers for you and puts them on mats.  I was able to use the cut, score and write functions on this project.  I don't like the pen I used to write with but I was just trying to do something to learn more about my machine.  I have been busy on Grandma duty these last few days so haven't had much time to play but am glad I was able to squeeze some time in today.

Ok, are you ready to see my first project? Here it is. I made a little placecard.

I was able to to find a rectangle and resize it to 3 1/2" X 5". I then found the score line in the images and sized it to the proper width. The image in this case the rectangle has a small + in the center of the object so it was easy to properly lace the score line. On the brown  piece of paper I attached the score line and the word Grandma so they would be placed on the project where I needed them to be. 

Then came time to cut. So I hit the go button and let the software bring up the image on the screen. It provides small icons so you know the order the image will be dealt with. In this case it cut the rectangle first, then wrote then scored the line in the middle of my cut and then wrote the word Grandma..  The acorn and leaf border was cut separately on another mat. It was easy to follow once I got a chance to focus on what I was doing.

While this probably isn't something I would normally post, It wasn't about creating something great, but rather about trying to learn a new machine and software.                


  1. Congratulations on getting your Explore Deanna!!! I'm loving mine!!! There is so much to learn. Have fun!! :)

  2. cute place card. I've been watching a lot of videos' Mine is plug in, but that is all have been able to do. So far.