Saturday, August 29, 2009

Card Tutorial

I was asked for directions on how to make the snowflake card. So here is my attempt at doing a tutorial. Sorry I am not able to post a video. I started with the SVG file that Penny Duncan created for me. The file is available for download on her blog. I used a piece of heavy 12 X 12 cardstock to cut out the file. It cuts two 5 1/2 X 8 1/2" pieces with an oval cut out of the center. Penny also created some scalloped circles that cut from the ovals to use in the middle of the card. I cut the card with my Cricut Expression and Sure Cuts A Lot software.

Once everything is cut out and removed from the mat you need to fold each side of the card in half. Penny created a small dashed score line that the cricut cuts into the card. At least for the two I made it didn't cut completely through the card but did help me determine where to fold the card.

You then need to fold each the front of the card back on itself in half, do this for the back as well. (This is the confusing part).  It should look like the picture on the right when you are done folding. Again there is a small dotted line that the cricut cuts to show you where to fold.
You now going to attach a small narrow ribbon to the card to attach the scalloped circle in the middle of the oval. You will need to determine if you want your ribbon attached at both the top and bottom of the card or only at the top of the card. By attaching it to both the top and bottom the scalloped circle doesn't swing as much as is does when attached to the top of the card only. Attach the ribbon to on edge of the scallop so it will end up centered on the card when it is put together. Hopefully the picture will help explain this better, (I did get my ribbon slightly off center).
Tape or glue the card in the area between the two ovals (where the crease is) to adhere each half of the card to itself.

Do this to both sides of the card. Then glue or tape each remaining free side of the card. You will attach the two cards together one side at a time so that the card forms a +. Be sure that the ovals line up. If the outside edges don't line up those can be evened up using your paper cutter. )Sorry I forgot to take a picture of this part. The card attached looks like this. Add your scallop circle attaching it to the ribbon in the center of the oval cutout.
Add any sentiments or embellishment to your card and you are finished.

Once you figure out how this card goes together it is a relatively simple card to make it just has several steps. I hope this helps explain the steps to make the card.

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  1. Girl you've done an AWESOME job on your tutorial!!!!!! I appreciate you mentioning my name but your creation is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love it!!!