Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rock-a-bye Baby

The challenge this week on the Gypsy MB was the Gypsy jumped over the moon. We were to use the stretch and flatten features on the Gypsy to create something in honor or the Nursery Rhymes cartridge being released. I decided to make this Pedestal card and used the little boy on the rocking horse from ACY for my main image.

When my son was little he had one of those Wonder Pony's and he would sit on that thing with his cowboy hat on and ride it forever. I used that for my inspiration. I used the cowboy hat from PPDU and resized it using the stretch and flatten techniques to get it the right size for the rocking horse image which was sized at 3". I welded the hat to both the shadow and the base cut of the image after rotating it to sit on the boy's head where I wanted it.

I used Lyrical Letters for the phrase and created a shadow for it again using the stretch and flatten technique.  To use this technique with your Gypsy you need to deselect the little yellow link under the height and width boxes. With this link grayed out if you change the height (stretch) the width won't change if  you change the width (flatten) the height won't change. If the link is selected and yellow in color as you change the height the width also changes.

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